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   Send in your prayer requests and we will post them right here.  We are more than willing to believe with you for the answers.
   Please write in with answers to your prayers. The asking is only the first part, then comes the answers. Your experiences, healings, miracles, even when the answer is 'no'. All uplift and teach the body of Christ, in my opinion. Thanks, and God bless....
Just click on the link below to send in your requests-

Current Prayer Requests-

Just wanted to ask for special prayer for my dear friend, Michael.  As I mentioned on another page in the site, he was in a terrible car crash not long ago.  We thought he was gone, but God had other plans.  Michael is tough, and he is special.  A lot of good has come out of this brush with death.  He found God in a real and awesome way.  Please pray for a complete recovery from the accident, but more than that, pray that he will grow ever closer to God and fulfill every potential and every call on his life.  Thanks.
                                       ~M. M  10/10/03

Some time ago I ask for all of you to pray for a friend, and regular reader of the Daily.  I referred to her as, 'Pink'.  She has a lot of issues, and really needs our prayers.  I say issues, because I want to respect her privacy as much as possible, but know that she asks for prayer often, and would appreciate the prayers of any and everyone who would be willing to include her in their communication with their heavenly Father.  Thanks for her, and from me.
                   ~M. M. 10/06/03

Anyone who will, please say a little prayer for me.  Ever since I had mono in June, I catch every little bug that comes along.  I have had a bad cold for almost two weeks and it seems to have developed into a nasty sinus infection.  I'm off to the doctor today, but ask that you will all pray for me and my silly immune system.  Thanks.
                                             ~M. M. 10/06/03

Those of you who read the site on a regular basis know that I have an online friend named Ozzie.  I want to ask everyone to say a special prayer for him right now, as he is having some problems at the moment.   I don't know all of the details as he is not feeling up to talking about it.  I do know that he asked for my prayers regarding whatever it is, and he is just not  himself right now.  Pray for my brother and my friend, Ozzie.  Thanks.
                              ~M. M. 10/06/03



 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28  (KJV)

My uncle is an alcoholic and has so many physical and emotional problems.  Pray for him and his family.  He needs a healing, and to change his heart and ways.  There is hope for him!
~L. M., 09-03-02


 This is my little cousin, Alyssa.  She is so precious, and
brave too.  She is battling leukemia, and is such a
little fighter.  Please pray for her, and for her family
as they struggle through this, the hardest of time. 
~L. M.  07/20/02

I recieved an email from a friend in India.  He is in a war torn land, depending on God for his safety and the healing of his country.  Please click on the link below for a portion of his email.  His heart felt prayer requests are so touching and desperate.  Pray with me as I pray with and for him.

A tormented and confused heart e-mailed me tonight.  She has a lot of very real and very serious issues.  Anyone reading this, and anyone you know to ask to join us, please pray for this precious one that I will identify only as, 'Pink'.  She comes from a background of abuse and mental torment.  I know that God is with her even now, and ask all of you to keep her in your prayers.  Thanks, and God bless you....and God bless, 'Pink'.
   ~LM  06/13/02

Please pray for friends and family of us all, who are seeking the way to go. May God guide and direct them to a close walk with Him. Free from distraction, confusion, and deceiving thoughts.

Pray for all of the soldiers around the world, seeking justice, and to maintain peace for all of us. God bless and keep them, and bring them home safely again.

Pray especially for children. For children growing up in broken homes. Little lives, however helpless and innocent, struggling to live with the mistakes of their parents.

Please pray also, for me. That my physical body would be healed and made healthy again. So that I might have energy and drive to do the things I need to do.

-L.M.  03/27/02


Jeremy is the handsome little guy on the right. He looks good, but he is a little boy with a lot of strikes against him. His big brother Josh, is the guy on the left. He and his mom would like for us to pray for his brother. Jeremy has a lot of physical problems due to the lack of oxygen to his brain during a surgery when he was very young. He's really special, and it would be great to see him completely healed of the ailments he lives with right now. At this point, they are saying that he will never be able to drive a car, and basics such as that. Pray for Jeremy. Put him on your prayer lists, and believe for a miracle in this little guy.
-L.M. 02/10/02

Pray with me, as I lift up our president in prayer. It's not that we have to all agree on our politics. It's that he is the leader of this country, and we are to pray for our leaders, for the wisdom and courage to do the right thing and make wise choices. Our country, as well as the world, needs sound leadership, and the protecting hand of God. Our families, and those of others need the protecting hand of God.
-L.M. 01/17/02

Please pray for my friend, Terry. He has had a lot of problems physically, and just a bad time in general lately. More serious than that is that he is struggling to keep up spiritually. Join me as I pray for him. He's a really special person.
-L.M. 01/21/02