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Book Reviews:

My Humble Opinion 

"The Ragamuffin Gospel"
For those of you who claim christianity and those who don't, this book is a great read.  I won't say that I agree with every word or thought of the author, but, I will say that there is a lot of wonderful wisdom and encouragement to be had within the pages of this book. 
As a recovered alcoholic or former alcoholic, depending on your definition and terminology, the author approaches with the sensitivity and wisdom of experience.  Not pious and proud, but gentle and accepting.  Much the same way, I'd think, that Christ would be in person.
The overall attitude and premise of the book is that we are all raggamuffins trying to make it through this life.  All called and loved by God, but all at different levels of strength and maturity.  The author stresses, and I agree, that more often than not, we ourselves are much harder on us than God is.  Many times we punish ourselves for things we have long been forgiven of.  It's not a matter of Gods forgiveness as much as it is us being unable, or unwilling to accept His grace and go on.
I won't bore you with all of my opinions and thoughts of this book.  I'll just say to go out and pick up a copy if you can.
This book is challenging and encouraging.  There is some wordy and hard to understand moments, but overall, it's easy reading and quite interesting. 
Read on folks, read on.

"The Freefall of Webster Cummings
By Tom Bodett
Motel 6 commercial guy, Tom Bodett?  Their sometimes funny, and sometimes annoying frontman?  The same voice that at a recent stay at Motel 6 was our wake up call that told us that we had won $10 million, followed by a down home, "Just kiddin'.."?  Yep.  One and the same.  With a Will Rogers approach, Bodett has shown himself to be far more than Motel 6 ads and a corny accent.
This is a book about life.  A book about love and misunderstandings.  Of lost lives and new hope.
There are many lessons to be learned, but, they don't all come easy.  The wisdom poured out in this book is everything from obvious to obscure.  Bodett writes with an easy and sometimes humorous style, yet with a surprising deep wisdom.
It's a bit of a struggle to follow at times, but be patient, you'll be brought up to speed.  Stay with it.  It's worth the effort.
It's a real joy to read.  The ending is not my favorite part of the book.  It isn't bad, it simply leaves one with emotions and provoked thoughts as if to start another chapter.  A chapter that you would happily and greedily devour except that it's escorting you back into real life.  The unwritten and unknown. 
I highly recommend this book.