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"Among Friends"

Where were you on the morning of September 11 when the world changed forever? Where were you that night, and in those frightening days to come?

So many stories of people pulling together. Loving and caring for people they didn't even know previously. Families reuniting after years of conflict. Entire groups, churches, towns, and in fact, our nation pulled together. In many ways, the world.

Why is it then, that on a far less grand scale, we as the human race fail each other miserably? We can run into burning buildings to save people we don't know, but won't go across the street to reconcile with our neighbor. We can work a thousand miles from home to help out at, 'ground zero', but ignore the needs of people in our own church, or community. Why is it that we can put our differences aside for huge things, but allow the small things to eat us up?

It has recently come to my attention and then driven home to my heart and mind in another way, that we are not all about conflict.

People in work situations, family situations, and even churches, get all caught up in conflict. As if the conflict was the thing. Conflict being the reason for conflict. Fact of the matter is that conflict can and does happen, obviously. Some deserved, and some not so much. How we react to it is the crucial part. The part that defines who and what we are.

People seem to think that when a situation gets tough that it's time to move on. It must be fate, destiny, or Gods will to move along because there is a disagreement.

We have got to realize that this is simply not the case. We are built for this. Humans are resilient creatures and are made with the gifts and the abilities to overcome. We are actually strengthened as we go through these hard times. Some personal growths are only accomplished by the journey through our storm. Not by avoiding it.

It was brought to my attention recently, and it has touched my heart so much. We humans are not the only creature built for adversity. The tree that grows up through the rock on the mountain ledge. The flower that blooms in the desert. The delicate rose that adorns the thorny stem. The rainbow in a stormy sky. All of these are examples, not just of beauty in a harsh place, but the reason why. Each one has its own purpose. They each make a unique contribution to their environment. If each of them were to be taken away, not only would the spot they were taken from suffer, but they wouldn't flourish, or in some cases survive in any other place. They each are where they were meant to be. To be anywhere else is either less than adequate, or completely unacceptable.

We are the rose that adorns the thorns. Sometimes the flower in the desert. In an otherwise dry and parched wasteland we sometimes are all there is. The beauty and inspiration of the place.

We are not where we are by accident. Never, ever think that you are insignificant, and small. You are somebody, and you were strategically placed where you are, when you are, for a reason.


Born for

"Share the World"

It always amazes me how many people claim the world as theirs. They want to litter where they want, destroy what they want, live where they want, and do what they want. Why not'? It's their world after all.

Grrr.. Then there are those folks who treat other people as lesser beings because they are not fortunate enough to be, them. They seem very willing to live their own lives any way they see fit, but these lesser humans.. they are most definitely NOT allowed to.

Think on this, people. Chances are that right now you are thinking of at least one person you don't like who acts in such a way. Chances are, there are many who come to mind. Dear friends, chances are you and I are coming to THEIR minds, as well.

It's time that each of us take inspection and inventory of ourselves and look really close at who we are and how we act.

As far as I'm concerned, you can have the world. It's not that special without freedom, love, and compassion for our fellow man- black, red, white, old, young, male, female, atheist, Christian, etc. However, the harsh reality is that the world is where we all live. We're all humans. Each with something to give. Our age, background, location, race, financial bracket, and personality all come together to make us unique and special. We each have a place and contribute our own special little something to the mix of the world.

I've heard it said that races should not mix. That financial diversities should not mix. There should not be generational, or international mixes. You know what? Our great United States of America was created, maintained, and is a great nation today, because of every one. No one race or religion. No one financial group. Diverse ideas and concepts.

There are many people, even in our churches that feel if someone disagrees with their thoughts and ways, they are somehow less and therefore should be shunned and ridiculed. This is hate and bigotry at its finest folks. It's not about race, or money, it's about not sharing your world. If someone disagrees with me, then they are not nearly as good. Right?

I watched a program on TV the other day. The news man interviewed a guy dressed only in what amounted to a pair of bikini underwear, and standing on the sidewalk carrying a sign.

The sign had several things written on it explaining his beliefs. He was also talking as fast as he could to get as many of his other thoughts and beliefs out as he could get into the interview. Truthfully, I felt the guy was a nut. Yep. I think he was weird. I would, however, be his friend and/or be friendly to him. There was one obvious thing about him that I absolutely admired and respected. He was so passionate about his beliefs, and even the way out there ones were of no shame to him. He believed something, and lived it openly. Personally, I feel he had some ideas and thoughts that could use some changing. However, his open and honest ways were refreshing. Why do I mention him? I mention him, because he would definitely be considered one of the, 'freaks', of the world. He is one that a lot of people wouldn't give the time of day to. One of the human race, but very unique. It doesn't mean that all of his thoughts are true and good. As I said, he is out there. However, we share the same space as him and millions of others who are strange to us. The unlikely, unlovable, unbathed, or overly bathed. We all live here.

As much as we would like to think that Madonna is worth more than a regular person, that the president has a higher grade of blood, or that a beautiful person doesn't sweat, we are all just people, and we share the same planet.

It's time that we recognize folks for the wonderful creation they are. Time we loved one another. Gave worth to every individual, whether we agree with them or not. It's time we, the human race, learned to share the world with one another.

Yes. It's time.