Children with Broken Toys..a dedication


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"Children with Broken Toys"

Each of us has a story to tell. Each our own disasters and triumphs. Our own course to take, based on where we've been and what's happened to us.

We've all seen it at some time, and some place. There's a little person with tears streaming down their face, holding not just a toy, but two pieces of the same toy. Although they may have hundreds of toys, their heart is broken because this one...this particular one, is broken.

So many people, adult ones, I mean, are sad and weeping today. Even as you are reading this, you might be dealing with a, 'broken toy', of your own.

You're hurt and your heart is broken. Freshly wounded, or dealing with an old wound that just doesn't want to heal, it seems. You try to move on to whatever is next, but this, 'toy', this one item, it was special. How can you live a life of happiness and smiles ever again? It's broken and you're sad and effected deeply by the loss.

Even though there is much more to your life than this one thing, you can't seem to get past it. This one thing, this, special toy, was significant, and now it's broken.

Sadly, for many this is where it stays. Sad and hopeless, these, 'children with broken toys'. Wounded by whatever it is. Whatever crisis, whatever disaster or tragedy. Effected, perhaps forever.

Go back with me to the child holding the two pieces. Tears streaming down their face. In my home, my 8 year old has learned that super glue, and his fathers love can fix almost anything.

I see his tears and know he hurts when something he likes breaks. So, he runs to me and asks me to fix it. I hug him and comfort the tears away, and then have a good look at what's been broken. Ultimately, I fix the broken item, or replace it. Whatever is the most feasible. Not always right at that moment, but his hurt, in turn hurts me, and motivates me. I want to make that pain go away. I think about the problem, I look it over, and I try to mend it. Most times this works.

Once it's mended, it has a slight crack or discoloration, but more often than not, he is made happy. He smiles and goes back to his playing.

All of us can take a lesson from this. Even these little people know to take their broken toys to someone who can make it better. My son takes his toys to me because he knows that it matters to me. I want to fix it, and I want him to be happy.

Why can't we all see that our Heavenly Father wants to do the same thing? He, too, cares very much when we hurt. We are His children. If we go to Him, He will comfort us, He will in His time evaluate and fix the problem, because He wants us to be happy. He loves to see us smile; for us to have a joyful heart. For reasons, often unknown to us, it is not always an immediate fix. The comfort is there, though. He will comfort through the hurt.

Sometimes, like us with our children, He sees fit to replace what has been broken. Sometimes our marriage stays broken. Sometimes we lose good jobs, or homes, or cars, or any other thing that we might care about. He is faithful to His children, though. Always. Count on it. In His time, He will repair or replace our, 'broken toys'.

Sometimes there is a, crack or discoloration, as I said. Just because a wound is healed does not mean that we won't have a scar. There are certain toys in our home that are constant reminders. Reminders to be more careful with toys, reminders that Dad can fix broken toys, and reminders that Dad loves me enough to fix my broken toys. That mark that is left when the toy has been repaired sometimes serves a purpose. A learning experience, or consequence.

Many times our Heavenly Father will fix our, 'broken toy', whatever it may be, but there is a scar or reminder that lingers. This is okay. This can actually be a really good thing, sometimes.

Lastly, when I repair or replace a toy for my son, guess what he does. He gives me a big smile and hugs the stuffing out of me, and says something like, "Thanks. You're the best dad in the whole world." Sometimes, I have to remind him to say thanks, but he has learned, over time, to be thankful. He shows his appreciation and praise for me and what I have done. He even tells others.

Let us, as adults who should know better, not forget that when our wound, our, 'broken toy', has been fixed that we need to show our love and appreciation to our Father for what He has done. And, simply because He is our Dad. The best dad in the whole world.

When my son tells others what and how I've fixed, they start coming to me with their broken things. What do you think I do? Turn them away because they are not my problem? No way. It touches me that they trust and believe in me, and I'm moved to fix their broken toys, as well.

We also should share with those around us what has been done and by whom. Our Father fixes, 'broken toys'. Hearts, lives, marriages, all wounds we face.

Show your scars proudly. "This is where this happened, and my dad fixed it. This is where I had broken my toy, but my dad put it back together."

I am in no way perfect. I'm affected often and in many ways by wounds of the past, and wounds of the present. It's in times when something in our life lays broken before us that we need to always remember, we are merely, 'Children with Broken Toys', and our Dad can fix them.

~Mr. Mac..

Is not a preacher, perfect, or a hypocrite. He has confusion, and hurts like everybody else. This is not an attempt to preach and soapbox about anything. He is merely one of the many who has had broken toys, and sometimes still does.

(For Christine, Ozzie, Robin, and countless others. Our Father can and will fix it. =)