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Just a little something about nothing

I don't know about all of you, but summer was definitely not long enough here.  It was a long time coming, and then it seemed so short.  Of course, I do live in Michigan and that is the nature of the beast for us.  I guess truthfully, I wouldn't want it any other way. 
I have had a very busy few months since the last time the site was updated.  We are all moved into our new home.  Yea!  My 8 year old spent a month at his moms out of state.  My oldest is still in Missouri.  Thank God both situations are temporary.  My youngest came back refreshed and excited.  Had a great time with his mother.  My oldest is on his way home to us very soon.  I'll be sure to fill you in on all of that as it unfolds, but it is looking great and could happen within the next two weeks.  I am so excited and my 8 year old is anxious to get his big brother here so they can wrestle and hang out.  He loves to play with the big guy.  A little more rough than I would like, but he seems to enjoy it. 
I had mono this summer and pretty much missed the entire summer.  Anyone who has had mono should understand.  It is wicked sickness and very uncomfortable, then it also slams your immune system and you catch everything and then some that comes along.  The worst part was over by the time my little guy came home, but I still struggled with the after effects, and the incredible exhaustion that comes with it for weeks.  In fact, the weakness and exhaustion still recurs every once in a while.  They say that can go on indefinitely.  
I hope everyone reading this has experienced a great summer, and are looking forward to a great and rewarding fall.  I trust you are happy and healthy.  
As always, thanks for stopping by and checking out my little corner of the web.  Click on the, 'Contact Me', page and let me know what's up with you and yours.  
Thanks and have a great day!
                                     ~M. M. 

"I Remember"

The smell of her hair, and the touch of her hand. The look on her face when she felt my pain. I remember the simple innocence of first and pure love. I remember.

The times that I was overcome with waves of emotion because I was blessed with this companion, lover, and friend. I remember waking in the night, from a bad dream or not, insecure and uncomfortable. I remember falling in love, all over again, when I felt her warmth and heard her breathing.

I remember times of overwhelming joy when I heard her laugh, and saw her smile. I remember how amazing and emotional it was to see her coming down the aisle to stand with me as I waited to take her hand. I remember that.

I remember the awesome closeness, of a friend who was always near and there to share good times, and bad. Although, my divorce is still a fresh pain and heartache, the sanctity of marriage is not tainted in my heart and mind. I loved being married, and the one I was married to. I miss it; the relationship and tenderness.

In a world of divorce, hate, and bitterness, I am blessed to, at least, have a friendship with my ex-wife. I'm so thankful for that. I really feel for those who don't.

The bond and sanctity of marriage may be a thing of the past in a lot of folks minds today, but to me, the past is not forgotten.

I remember....