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Don't Laugh, Darn It!


If one more person tells me that mono is the, 'kissing disease', I'm going to punch them right in the mouth.

Yes, I am still recovering from mono, and yes, I'm a little bitter. This is so.. NOT fun. Absolute misery and an incredible pain in the butt. (Why not? There is discomfort everywhere else with this stuff.)

Every single time I tell someone what has been wrong with me all this summer, and try to explain to them where I have been and how bad it was, they laugh and make a crack about the kissing disease. Darn-it man, you don't pick on someone who is that miserable. Geesh. I have to protest, dispute and take offense. Not because that would be so bad, but because that would mean I suffered from the, 'consequences', of something that I have had the misfortune of missing out on altogether of late. Darn it, again!

The joy of mono, it would seem, is the confidence and comfort of having been kissed and to truly feel that there was some point to it all.

I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but for my own sake, and personal peace of mind I gotta tell ya.. It's not quite that glamorous.

Mono is misery, and there is only one way to catch it. From saliva, or direct respiratory mist, such as is found in a cough, sneeze, or maybe even a kiss. More than likely, if you are like me you're apt to catch it from a cough or sneeze from someone.

The kissing disease, yeah, whatever. The spit and/or snot swapping disease, might be more accurate, if a less appealing term. Yuck.. comes to mind. But, oh well. Life ain't purty, Floyd. =)

Just, please, don't laugh when I tell you that I had mono. It is a miserable condition, and lasts a very long time, for crying out loud.

Wow, if you think mono is funny, how funny would it be if I had cancer? I think some people would find that bloody hysterical.

Well, enough whining about that. To find out more about mono, do a search for mono nucleosis, and read up. Or you can try using the addy below for more info.