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For my boys..

~inspired by Christian and Brice


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"In Those Days"

Dad tell me about the good old days.

The days you were young, and laughed, and played.

Tell about your childhood hopes and dreams.

Of hiking, hunting, and wading in cool streams.

I want to know what you did for fun.

In those summer days in the sun.

Did you ride a bike, or always walk?

Did you fight and shout, or did you just talk?

Were you afraid of the dark at night?

Or was your big brother your only fright?

Were there wars, violence and hate?

Did you get nervous on your first date?

Did your family struggle the way we do?

To have enough money for new gym shoes?

When bad things happened and you wondered why,

Did you ask questions, or did you just cry?

Tell me about fun and what you played.

Did they have cool toys in those days?

Do you remember? Youre pretty old,

Of all the times past your dad told?

I want to know and hear you say,

The way it was for you in those days.

Did you like school? Did you have friends?

Or were you just glad to see it end?

Tell me what you did, and where you'd go.

How did you come to learn the things you know?

I just really want to hear you say,

About all that was good, in those days.

It may seem a little morbid and sad, but when Christian is gone, he is all I think about.  Then add to that that Brice has been separated from us for several months.  They inspired me to write, and here is the finished product.  I hope you like it.

"When Youre Not Home" -for Christian

Rest, relaxation.. No rules, no responsibilities. Quiet, calm nights, all to myself. I just have one question.. Well, maybe two.. =)

When you're not home, who'll be bugging? Have me cleaning, doing, and asking things of me?

Who will I yell at and get all mad? Who'll fill my hours with stress, and struggles of being a dad?

I'm busy, and tense, and usually tired. Sometimes short, rude, and most times wired.

I'm sometimes pushed and will raise my tone, but all of that changes when you're not home.

The sun doesn't shine nearly as bright. The stars don't shine, at all, at night.

My days are filled with time and things. I'd trade each one to hear you sing.

I stay out late and get kinda wild-ish. I laugh and play and act a bit childish.

I could never do this if not alone. Only at times when you're not home.

I'm free to go and look for fun. But, fun's not fun without my son. =(

When you're not home, I miss you certainly.

Without you, boy, I'm just not me.

"Without You Here" -for Brice

I know where you are, and that you're well. What you're feeling and thinking I cannot tell.

Life is good, I wish you were near. It's just not the same without you here.

I wish you close, to see you smile. Not separated by all of those miles.

I'm thankful for your every day. For each new day you're still okay.

My precious son that I hold dear. It's just so hard without you here.

The time is passing and changing, too. Preparing us for seeing you.

I love you, son, and miss you much. Oh to hear your voice and to feel your touch.

It's almost time, you're coming home. We'll be more than letters, a voice on the phone.

Forgotten the days of lonely tears, all of those days without you here.