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Hey Brother Can  You Spare The Time?

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"Time is Relative"

Did you ever notice that when all you have is time, the value of other peoples time drops to you? Of course this is not a blanket statement, but merely, a general observation. For example, if a person enjoys ample time to wash his/her car each week, that same person is often critical of others for not washing theirs. They feel that since they had time, and prioritized the time they had to include washing the car, then others should have the same opportunities.

The truth is.. We live in a rat race. All of the wonderful things the world has to offer are great, but they come at us at an incredible pace. To keep up is hard for anyone, and to get ahead is even harder than that.

Time is relative to your individual circumstances. My brother and sister-in-law and their family function at break neck speed, pretty much non-stop. They accomplish more in any given day than I do in a week.

At the same time, I am always swamped, even though it would seem that since I don't have a full time job that I would have a slower pace and much more free time.

There is stress and time constraints on everyone, it seems. I have an uncle who is blind and has a mental disability. He keeps a tight schedule. Of course, it is all relative to his particular situation, and we might consider it light or even fool hearty. He rushes to keep his television shows on schedule. He rushes to the cafeteria of the nursing home where he lives to get to his place early and await the dining staff.

My point? Everyone.. Each and all of us are struggling. Racing against time and life. So that we can have a life, and quality time. Nobody needs the added stress of another time stressed individual pressuring them.

Time stresses us all. What if each one of us, rather than judging the other, would realize that time is relative? Our time is fleeting, and guess what? So is the next persons. Even if they are living an entirely different lifestyle.

There used to be a saying that needy folks would use to seek assistance. "Hey brother can you spare a dime?" Things have changed, and things have stayed the same. I submit to you that many good people today would say, "Hey brother can you spare the time?"

"Take Time"

You think that there's always time. Time for more hellos, and more goodbyes. You remind yourself often to show love and appreciation, but you still think there will always be another chance; more time.

My friend Michael was lying in intensive care that night. Broken and bruised, brain swollen and in a coma. My heart was breaking, and my thoughts running wild. He was nearly 700 miles away from me, and there was absolutely nothing I could do right then, but pray. So, I joined in with all of the others who were praying for him.

Michael is a dear and precious friend. More like a son to me than just an ordinary friend. Not just because he is my sons best friend in the world, but because he was and is very special to me. He was in my youth group when I worked with kids, and we have grown closer over the years.

He's funny, fun, and caring, and a gentle person, especially to those he loves the most. Not perfect, but amazing.

His mom, his sisters, and grandma are dear friends. They, too, have always been more like family. I thank God for them, and ask you to join with me in keeping them in prayer as they help Michael in his long road to recovery. I can only imagine how terrified they were those first hours and days after the accident. I can only imagine how difficult and stressful it is now watching and helping as Michael struggles through rehab and all of the physical aspects of recovery.

I spoke to Michael on the phone the other day and he sounded great. It has been a scary and bumpy ride, but he seems to be recovering nicely. I know that with our prayers and his strength and will power, that he'll make a speedy and awesome recovery.

I thank God for saving his life. I ask anyone reading this to keep him and his family in your prayers. And, people, remember to take time to love on the ones that are close to you. We are not guaranteed a tomorrow. We are not promised the next five minutes. Love with your whole heart, and let it show. Appreciate the gift that is friendship, and family.

Michael, and a little of Michaela
Please remember to pray for him

Keep in mind that there is a prayer request section in this site.  Just send the request to me, and I'll post it if I can.  Just click the link below.