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"Terminator 3-The Rise of the Machines"

Okay, here it goes.  (For those of you reading this who do not watch and/or are offended by this type of movie, please accept my apologies and skip to the next page.)
My overall critique of this film?  This movie was crap.  I'm sorry fans, but let's be honest.  Crap by any other name is still crap.  I am a Terminator fan, and a Swarzeneggar fan, as well, but this particular movie is just really bad.
Let it be known that I loved the first in the series.  Great movie, awesome plot, and campy, but good humor in an otherwise heavy film.
2nd film?  Better than the first.  Up to that point in time, I had never experienced such an improvement in a sequel.  I was pleasantly surprised, and to this day consider the acting, especially by the actor who plays the young John Conner, Edward Furlong, to be pretty great.  Humor was there, excellent plot that complimented and concluded the first.  The villain and action was awesome.  A near perfect action thriller. 
Third film?  Oh please.  I'll stick my neck out and say it is mostly due to the absence of James Camerons direction and contributions.
Arnold was Arnold, actually funny, at times, and pretty much the same as always.  I mean that in a positive way.
The humor is there.  There is a certain amount of great action, and some okay action, but the non-stop excellent effects and events are just not there.  As a friend of mine put it, new movies are more dependant on effects than plot and acting.  I wholeheartedly agree.  So what happens if the action, and effects are weak and lacking?  I'll continue.
The plot and most of the history/future statements spoken of fall way short.  The plot does not stay true to the 2 predecessors.  There is a very slim tie to old things and a serious attempt to re-create the classic ideas of the original franchise.  As if someone sat down somewhere and decided they would produce a film and vaguely disguise it as Terminator, and this would make it a box office smash.
The villain, although supposedly a new and improved model, is actually more vulnerable than the last.  She looks good, let's be honest.  The actress is a super model in her, 'other', career.  Yet, she was given very little to work with.  The former T-2 villain has gone on to be a hot commodity, based largely on his villainous success.  This little miss, may find she has to depend on other factors to get anywhere near where he is now. 
From beginning to end, the actual film has holes in it.  To keep from giving away the movie to those of you who will be seeing this film, which you should not do, I'll merely mention a few things.
One, mentioned already, is the obvious.  The new villainess, although hyped by movie previews, and Arnolds character as a new and improved model that he is not equipped to destroy, is quite vulnerable.  Easily tossed around by the obsolete model, and although relentless and deadly, ultimately a less than worthy opponant based on the previous two.
Other things include huge holes in feasability issues.  Not that the entire premise is a feasable thing.  Simply that in movie reality, the films have been believable and, 'movie', real.  This film has characters doing things such as breaching security at a secure government location without so much as a look of surprise from those who worked at the command center. 
Overall, as I said.. crap.  Yet, a few redeeming qualities.  My advice, definitely do not waste your 8 bucks.  Watch the video and do not set your expectations too high. 
Another recommendation.  Instead of renting all three and watching in order, watch 3 first, then watch the first two.  At least allow yourself the luxury and privilege of ending on a high note, satisfied and entertained.
Those are my thoughts on the matter.  :-)