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Well, i live in a city called Vadodara. It is in the Gujarat state
of India, on the west coast, on Pakistan border. Our city is very
from from the actual border but we have big industries around and
an air force base which makes us imp target.

Nowadays we have communal riots of worst kind. Hindus and Muslims
are fighting. This time Hindus had kill/burnt alive about 1000
Muslims and tens of thousands are made homeless all over the
state. They burnt their homes and businesses, burnt their vehical
and other properties. Whole violence  is claimed as retaliation of
burning a train boggy by muslims killing about 57.

This time was very tense for every one. Whole city will not sleep
but keep vigil for possible Muslim attackes. People are afraid of
Muslim retaliation which is still surprisingly missing. The other
minorities, especially the christians are worrying. Now they are
worried about their safety because in present riots, police didn't
help the victims but by inaction supported the anarchy. It was
total lawlessness on the streets for about 72 hours. It was
terrible. Still people are on edges as "Moharam", a Muslim
festival, is due on 25th and "Holi", a Hindu festival, due on
29th. People are trying to be normal but the fear and anxiety and
rumours are breaking them. It will take some time before
everything will become normal.

Just yesterday, i read that most of the relief work is carried by
Muslim Social Workers and organisations. People of other
communities are afraid of becoming a target by helping muslims. It
is indication of bleak future. Well it is India and here trees and
animals are worshipped but there is no respect to humans.

Please pray for the victims of the riots. Pray that they can get
enough food and treatment. Pray that they may get peace and solace
and come out from the trauma of witnessing brutal murders of their
own family members and others. Alos pray for muslim students
appearing at the state level school exam of 10th standard. Many
are going for exams from refugee camps, still hopeful about the
future by trying to cope the horror.

When we see such horrible massacre and hatred among peoples, it
seems Lord's coming is very near. HE is our only hope, freedom
from everything.

Your brother in Christ,