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Recommended Reading~

Books are amazing things.  They uplift and encourage, inform and enlighten.  They educate us, and keep the mind sharp.  This page will list just a few books that have done one or more of these things for me. 

"The Prisoner in the Third Cell"

By Gene Edwards

   Gene Edwards has a style of writing all his own. He has taken a story that most of us know, to some extent, and has written it in a way that truly puts you into the characters life. Into the very heart of the story.

   The story taken from the Bible, is written in an, every man, way. You feel the emotions and you find yourself understanding the story just a little better than you did before.

   Aside from the way the story is written and the awesome familiarity that you gain during the course of the book with the characters and the story, it shocks the average reader a bit.

   The story builds throughout the book. It ends for John, of course, and then you wait for an amazing and surprising revelation from the author. What he does, is simple. He takes this long and old story, makes you feel the feelings and identify with the emotions and points of view. Then gives you a straight forward and simple word of knowledge to glean from and use in your own life.

   It's not an easy book to take, but it is very easy to read, and quickly. I read through it in a couple of days, and wasn't trying to rush at all. It is written in such a way that you want to keep reading. Then the word there for you, will keep it in your mind. It's just that type of book.

   In short, a little heavier than I like, usually, but, pleasantly easy to read and you won't regret reading it.

Happy reading.

It's available in Christian book stores, and can be found at, or ordered from Barnes & Noble and other fine book stores across the country.  My copy was $5.99

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