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A 'Little' about 'Mac'...


Truthfully, life has been, life.  I have been hanging around trying to keep from going bananas.  Not always an easy thing to do.  Yet, God is faithful.  I'm hoping and trusting that the details of my life will continue to flow and work out as He guides and directs. 


I will say that going bananas isn't always so bad.  LOL  When people know you're insane you get by with so much more.  And, the conversation changes.  Things become so much more colorful and interesting.  Words take on hidden meaning.  When someone talks about crackers, they could be talking of the yummy baked goods that you put in soup, or, well, you.  Fruits, and vegetables take on a whole new meaning, I don't need to tell you.  Yes, it is true, life has been life.  I just have to think that the alternative really bites.  Lord bless me, and Lord bless you. 


Two favorite things..quiet place, and my son..


I'll try to refresh this site continually with photos near and dear to my heart. Whether it be pics that reflect my moods, or the devotion of the day. It is true what they say..'a picture is worth a thousand words'. Since I don't have the time or the patience to write a thousand words, the pictures will have to help do the talking.

Illustration: Teens hanging out

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"So, Where Have I Been?"

   Going just a little bit crazy.  I won't sit here and complain, because life has not been all bad.  There just has been so much on my plate, and I have been scrambling to eat it all.  LOL

   There has been a lot of sickness in our family, going round and round among all of the members of our household.  As soon as the ones in our house get better, the ones in my brothers' house come down with it, and it starts going around again.  Geesh.  Right now we are all well, for the moment, and so thankful for the health we do enjoy.

   The holidays were great, here, but a lot of stress and tension that does not usually come with them.  There was just a lot of personal turmoil going on with situations in my life, both spiritual, and every day factors of our life. 

   My son, Christian, had a major issue in his little life when his school teacher was found to be physically, and verbally abusing the kids in her class.  Yes, this including my son.  There was no blood, bruises, or sexual abuse, but there was a lot of verbal and some hair pulling, and even a bit of choking.  The situation has been resolved, and he seems to be doing so much better, but it may be something that effects him in some way, permanently.  He is a tough little guy, and I'm so proud of him.  Thank God, again, that he was not damaged in more severe ways. 

   He has had a tough year.  There have been physical problems.  He broke his wrist this year, and he has been battling this viral thing going around so much.  He has had the struggles with school regarding his teacher, and the circumstances surrounding disciplining her, and replacing her.  He has been blessed with his mothers' presence in the same town as us.  He enjoyed that very much, but due to circumstances out of our control, she had to move to a place where she could better herself, and is living many miles away, again.  They do get to talk, and will get to see each other again, very soon, but it was a struggle for all of us.  God is blessing and healing, and there is comfort there, as well.  We pray for her, and I know she prays for us, as well.  Our hearts are with her, and we hope for all good things for her.

   My own life, has been a menagerie of problems, and extremes.  There has been such a high and low roller coaster going on, that I am exhausted from the ride.  The joy in my heart has been tested more than once, and there has been so many times in the last few months when I just wasn't sure whether to get up or not.  Both, physically, from bed in the morning. . .  and emotionally/spiritually, when I've felt knocked down, and wasn't sure I had the strength to get back up. 



   So, the question is, when you've been weird as long as I have, weird is normal.  So, then, when you become normal, after being weird, is normal, then, weird?