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Here you'll find reviews of movies and music...(hence, the clever name). Check this page out from time to time. Where you'll not always get the most profound and articulate reviews....just the RIGHT ones, LOL.

Movie Reviews:


    I'm going to try something different for right now on this page.  Instead of reviewing a particular movie, I'm going to review a particular type of movie.  The type that is akin in any genre.  Horror, drama, comedy, whatever the category, they all have one thing in common.  They end really badly!!


Movies like this are such DOGS!!


Woof, woof!!

    I'm not saying that there shouldn't be a sad movie once in a while, or that the hero shouldn't have his or her share of knocks and bruises.  What I'm saying is, is it too much to ask that the hero get to win?  Be happy?  Live? 

     I just watched a movie the other night that I have been dying to see ever since the first previews I saw for it back a year and a half or so ago.  It started off really intense, and continued to be pretty terrific throughout most of the film.  I was really getting into it.

     As with any movie, the tension was building and our heroes were really having a time of it.  It looked bad for them, and you knew that it was time for something to happen to turn the tide.  What happened?  One of the heroes got murdered; one hero was helpless to do anything and crying, while another hero kind of lost her mind. 

     Meanwhile the one character that you did not want to see live, let alone win, is the very one that won, and lived to kill again. 

     I understand the need Hollywood has for sequels.  In a business environment the sequel is a money machine.  That's cool.  It still does not make it necessary for the film to kill off the good guys and allow the bad guy to go on to, Bad Movie II.

     I sat there watching the end of the movie all psyched up because I thought I had figured out how it was going to end.  Then, it ended.  Abruptly, and pitiful.  As if the author had been working on the story, and was great at it, and then suddenly tired of it and said, heck with it, and decided to make it stink. 

     This is not the only movie that does this.  There is a common thread with this movie, and a lot of others.  No matter what the category, the authors seem to think that a bad ending movie somehow makes their work, art.  As if a happy, and victorious ending couldn't be as artistically sound. 

     Alas, I am saying too much.  What do you think?  Should a movie have a decent ending?  Should we be left hanging, and disappointed?  We do pay high dollars to go see these things.  Shouldn't we, at least, feel good when we are finished watching the movie? 

   Have fun, and choose you entertainment wisely.  You never know when it is going to be a dog.  WOOF!!


Feel free to send in your comments or reviews. All opinions given the same courtesy and respect. (I toss them all out.) Just kidding... =P