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"September 11th A Day To Remember"

I went to school on Tuesday morning
Without an idea of tragedy.
When I heard the news, my soul
Cried for the innocent people
On board the airplanes
And inside the World Trade Center.
Tragedy it is the base of evil.
Evil causes tragedy.
Now the brave firemen and police officers
Dig under the rubble, their faces smeared
With black soot and dust.
They have taken something important
To all Americans, but they will never take
Our spirit.
Spirit is soul, spirit is confidence,
And spirit can never be stolen,
For spirit is the most powerful being on earth.
These words make me feel better
Because spirit can cut through the strongest metal
And stay alive through the hottest fire
Or stay warm through the coldest winter.
Spirit, my spirit, will keep me alive
And safe.

"Where Is God?"

A plane hits- many will die
Another hit- people begin to cry
Where is God?
A third plows into the Pentagon
Plane number four crashes- many more are gone
Where is God?
Rescuers rush in- the buildings fall
Our country mourns- death has touched us all
Where is God?
Churches open- people come to pray
People are found in the rubble- alive they say
Here is God
Strangers helping strangers fast become friends
Working together united till the very end
Here is God
Chorus' of God Bless America ringing in the air
Proving to one and all- Terriorists we will not fear
Here is God
Peace will come to those in pain
For as sure as the sun shines after the rain
God is here!

Helen Steiner Rice (One of my favorite poets)


C. S. Lewis, ROCKS...


Sorry the words are a little hard to read on this one. It's worth the effort to read it, though.

'Nuff said....