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Customer Service.  Whats That?

"May I help you?" Probably not. I am appalled at how many places charge for their services, but then barely offer any. Come on folks...

It's bad enough that many stores have cut back so far on employee base that you can't find help. This is sometimes understandable, because of the economy and such things. I'll be kind, because of the financial times, and skip over this part.

It's worse, by far, to find an employee and ask them for help only to have them refuse it, or give shoddy and rude performance.

To stand in line at a fast food restaurant behind two people for 40 minutes, to ask 4 people at Wal-mart where the super glue is and get 4 different and 4 incorrect answers. Then, there's the one I saw yesterday. To stand in a line of 20 people at K-mart and be made to stand there waiting for help because the cashier decides she will go for lunch just then. What happened, was that the group of us suffered and waited because nobody cared whether or not we ever got checked out.

To use an age old phrase, 'we pay these peoples salaries'. 'They have jobs because the business has customers'. Period. Plain and simple.

I have to say it. Businesses that act like they don't need those pesky customers tick me off. I, for one, am fed up. Except, it seems, when I go to a restaurant that practices these poor ideals. I rarely get fed at these particular establishments.



Gripe, Gripe, Gripe

I got a phone call the other day. The caller-ID said, 'unavailable', so right away I was suspicious of the call. Now, I should say, I'm not against telemarketers. They're human beings, and they are just trying to make a living. It's just that.. Well... They're wrong. They're just... wrong.

Now, back to this, particular, call. The pleasant voice on the other end explained to me that if I'd listen to her talk for just a minute or two, I'd receive something free at the end of the call. Well, I'm doubtful any time someone uses the, 'F' word, but bored, so what the heck.

She goes on to explain that she isn't selling anything, (a little flag has gone up right there), she is merely taking a survey. Okay. I slowly and cautiously agree to this, provided the questions are not too prying or down right dumb.

She tells me that she is going to name some popular magazines and she wants me to pick two that I would enjoy reading if given the opportunity. (Does anyone see where this is going?)

So anyway, I name two. This girl is so good, that she never changes the tone of her voice, or misses a single beat. She tells me that was it, and now on to the free stuff that she promised. Just for taking the survey.

I have, earned, not one, but two, free, subscriptions to those magazines that I picked in the survey. Great subscriptions! 60 month subscriptions. Now, if I'd just send them a bit of money for their trouble, they'll gladly get those started for me right away.

Huh?! Did I miss something? At what point did they start charging for free stuff? When did ordering magazines become a survey?

I'm not against people selling magazines. I enjoy magazines. Many times while at....oh, I dont know, Wal-Mart, or the pharmacy, gas station or whatever, I pick up one or two. I figure, hey, these magazines are for sale, I think I'll buy them. I have never, one time, seen a sales person standing next to the rack taking, surveys, in order to sell them. Come on

I may be asking too much, but do you think it would be too much trouble for those people selling us stuff to simply admit they are sales people?

I mean, think about it. We are slammed with a barrage of associates, agents, consultants, brokers, and counselors... Hello!?! They're sales people! Every last one of them. For some reason, and at some point, certain retailers, legitimate and otherwise, have chosen to disguise their sales force. Sshh...dont tell the public. They'll never know. Do they honestly think they are taking us by surprise?

Well, I'm not sure about you, but I think I can spot them. See through their disguises. Now I may be stretching here, but I'll bet you can, too.

Do associates really sell more than simple sales people? Does broker really sound any better than seller? I mean, think about this one. 'Broke'-er. Call me crazy, but this does not make me trust this guy more. Where do these people get their information?

Well, I'm about to put this thing to bed, finish, sign off, end. Somebody stick a fork in me, I'm done.