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For Lack of a Better 'Philosophy':




"If You Hide Your Head in the Sand,

Crucial Parts are left Unguarded" 


This has been a pet peeve of mine for ages, but has resurfaced close to home, again, and I just want to rehash a few things publicly.

Without saying too much and being too personal, I'll speak as freely as I can. Even as you begin to read this, some of your heads will start burrowing into the sand. Some folks rarely even come up for air. They don't even know I'm writing. They might not even know I exist. LOL

The world we live in is an imperfect place, to be sure. Different personalities, and characters. Lots of different points of view. This is not the enemy, folks. This is not a bad thing. Diversity is a good thing. It makes us, as a group, ready for anything, and as individuals, a whole lot more interesting.

It is my feeling that we can learn a lot from each other, as well as from events of the day. Good and bad. However, we have to be willing to see and listen, and be honest with ourselves about what it is we see and hear. Too often we refuse to see the negatives, and put our hands over our ears and humm when something is being said we don't like. We refuse to see the positives if they're coming from someone or somewhere we don't like. We assume that if we close our eyes and ears to the world it won't effect us.

I strongly feel, that we were given reasoning abilities on purpose. We are blessed to be the only creatures on earth who can process information the way we can. I don't believe this is by accident, but rather by design.

Stuff happens, good and bad, and we have the abilities necessary to deal with whatever comes. That's not to say that sometimes the thing that we are to do isn't just to lay it all on our creator. I agree that certain things can only be, and should only be, taken to Him to deal with. I believe, however, that it is our God given responsibility to recognize such things, and do just that. Bring them to Him. Ignoring things that we can't control does not solve the problem.

I believe that life is a verb. We are to be involved in the act of living. If a challenge comes, deal, and move on. That is life. Plain and simple. I'm not, in any way, saying that there is never a time to simply weather a storm. What I am saying, is that I believe, that we are to do everything we can to stand, and then, stand. After, we have done our part.

I see this in all aspects of life. For example, the all too common car repairs. We hear our car make a funny noise. We know the car does not make, and has never made that noise. Yet, instead of taking it in to be checked and possibly fixed, we turn up the radio. Wouldn't want to notice if the noise continues, or gets worse. More often than not, the noise is an early warning of some problem. A problem that, with attention and action, might have been taken care of before it caused serious damage, or worse, destroy the vehicle.

Another place we see this is in politics, and churches. Yikes! I just said politics and churches in the same sentence.

Churches, for example, today in particular, would rather look the other way, or cover up, than to deal with a hot issue.

I know of a church that a few years ago chose to allow good people to leave the church, and then fix the problem that caused them to leave. Why didnt they address it sooner? Because of, politics, and because they did not want the controversy. Once the folks that had been wronged, left, they were able to address the issues quietly, and thus avoid active confrontation. The pastor of this church actually said, to my face, that he knew the situation had been handled wrong. Yet, refused to make it right with those hurt. Couldn't let word get out that something had been done wrong.

It's not just the church by any means, although I know that those anti-christian readers were whole heartedly agreeing with and slapping me on the back with the comments about the church. Sorry, its global and all encompassing.

I'll close with just these few final words. I know another person that is a good and decent soul. Kind, considerate, and loving. Yet, you can not discuss with them about a problem or anything, because they choose to ignore it. They will not hear of it. As if refusing to acknowledge the problem makes it non-existent. "John Smith is a good person, fine and upstanding", they might say. If you try to tell them anything other than the knowledge of John Smith that they have they will ignore you. Then they will further push the envelope by saying that they know of nothing bad about John Smith. Well, of course they don't. They won't hear of the problems and faults of the world. They truthfully, don't want to know what you know. Then, they, too, would have to deal with it.

I'm not saying that we should run around being negative and constantly tearing down and making everyone miserable. Simply, that we face so many struggles and challenges. We need to constantly be aware and on guard to analyze and act, and defend if necessary.

Now let me ask you a piercing question. If we have our heads buried in the sand, what part of us is unprotected???  You got it.

Thanks for coming up for air.





War, or Peace?

Im about to step where many fear to tread, while others, can not wait to. Fear, because we tend to want to hide our heads in the sand, and anxious because everybody loves controversy. Its fun and people will notice you.

First, I assure you, I have no fear to state my opinion on practical anything. Second, I assure you that I am not speaking of this because of the attention Ill get. I have strong feelings, and need to vent them. Youre welcome, as always, to write and vent to me, as well.

Im shocked at how many folks are adamant about having what they call, peace demonstrations. Peace, meaning, more often than not, lack of action on our part.

I am not, by any means, anxious to go to war. Im happy to sit in my home or work place safe and warm, at peace with any and everyone.

Humor me, if you will. First, allow me to point out, we have been at war since the 9-11 attacks. Or, shortly thereafter, officially. It was stated, then, loud and clear, Democrat and Republican alike, that our offensive would be well thought out, patient, global, and would not be a quick ended campaign.

As I said, I am more than happy to sit at peace in my home and work place. Similar in thought, I imagine, to the peace expected by those innocent souls who lost their lives in the attack on the World Trade Center. Those travelers who were traveling, at peace, on an ordinary flight to somewhere, peaceful. To those who were serving their peace time country in the pentagon. These people were, presumably, peaceful and decent, overall. They wanted peace. They would have agreed, most likely, that peace is a wonderful thing. They were robbed of peace by those who would ignore another mans right to peace. Their lives were taken, regardless of their politics. Their families forever robbed of their presence.

I saw a, so-called, peace demonstration, today in the town I live in. I am offended at the idea stressed in signs, that America is the terrorist organization. These are American citizens doing this demonstrating, and they are referring to their own country as if they are the criminals and hate filled lunatics. Perhaps these nice folks would like to go to live in Husseins country. Maybe defect and take up citizenship in a country where the government is not so murderous and criminal.

In hearing, Christian, people saying that, war is never Gods plan. God hates what we are doing.

Well, Im not sure what God these people serve, nor why they would need to speak for Him, when He left His word for us to learn from, to refer to, and to be guided by.

I would never say that we are a perfect people, nor that this is a holy war we are involved in. Im merely saying, it seems to me that this is not something that we chose, but something that was thrust upon us with great force in the form of passenger/civilian jets slamming into our civilian, unsuspecting, unwarned, and unarmed citizens killing thousands of innocents.

Of course, it would be wonderful if we never had to offensively protect our country. It would be great if there was no hate, nor madness out there. That is simply, not the world we live in. The real world needs policing, at times. There has to be consequences, and there has to be action. Its not a pretty and popular thing. The necessary things rarely are.

Would God approve? Is war an option? I think God would, and does. I base that, not on divine revelation, or spiritual channeling. I base it on the history of His actions as told in the Bible. There are many places in the Bible where He sent His people into battle. As aggressors. At times, told to destroy everything and everyone. Everyone! Then there is all that talk about war and battles in Revelations.

Im not, by any means, saying that we should kill men, women, and children. Im simply saying that war, even offensive war, is sometimes necessary to maintain overall and ultimate peace.

Lastly, disunity and backbiting, is not peace, in my book. Those out there that claim to seek only peace, seem, to seek, peace, only with those who hate and want to kill them. While they war and slam against their very own people.

Thats the way I see it. Have a nice day..



  Where I'm Coming From
   It's been a while since I posted my feelings, and personal beliefs.  So, I thought I would post some general info  Mr. Mac.
   I believe that there is a God.  I believe in the Trinity-(Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost).  I don't pretend to know all there is to know about this, and may never know half of what there is to know.  I do know that this, this inherent belief, is not debatable.  I will discuss my beliefs with anyone and everyone with the right attitude.  Respectful, and civil.  Yet, the basic belief is not an open debate for me.  Period.
   I believe that we should love and accept all people.  By this, I do not mean that we should agree with, or go out with murderers and rapists.  Simply that these people are human, too. I feel that they should be treated with a certain civility. 
   I'm not a religious person, in the respect that I become somebody I'm not.  A different person at church than I am at home, or at the grocery store.  That's not to say that I don't show a certain amount of respect, and dress a little different.  It just means that what you see if what you get.  I believe that there are too many wanna-bes, and I don't 'wanna-be' one. 
   I believe that a person should be evaluated by their actions, more than their words.  Just because someone claims to be something does not make it so.
   My life is based on my decisions, and my choices.  I'm where I'm at either directly, or indirectly due to the choices I've made.  Good and bad. 
   I want to touch peoples lives in some small way.  To encourage, uplift, advise, and show friendship.  It is my desire to leave this world a little bit better place than when I arrived here.  To make a difference, even if it is just in my immediate circle of friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors.

Your Views:

What you think is important. I may not always like other peoples opinions, but I always think they have a right to them. While I won't ever allow hate and intolerance to be spread on this website, I will allow people to have their say, as long as by exercising their right to speak their mind, they don't infringe on someone elses. I don't claim to know all of the answers, I simply invite you to join me on my journey to find them. Fair enough?

Do you agree or disagree with my beliefs and opinions? I'd love to hear from you. Check out my "Contact Me" page to send me e-mail.